Congratulations!  Your wedding day is very special and I’m excited you’ve taken the step to contact me for us to start the planning process to bring your wedding flowers and styling vision to life. If your chosen date is not available I’ll let you know.

Important to note: Botanic Art requires a minimum order/ budget of $3750 inc gst for all events

Completing the form will help me with collating your ideas and answer any questions or go old fashioned and call me 0403150222   Attach any inspiration image links you may have in the additional detail section, or direct email me
The more details you can provide the easier for me to gain a full vision of your look and the quicker I can respond. 

*There may be a delay in responding between Wednesday and Monday due to weddings taking place. Thanks for your patience in advance

kind regards Deb Loves –  Deb loves flowers 🙂

Reminder Botanic Art requires a minimum budget of $3750 inc gst


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  • Botanic Art has a minimum order of $3750 inc gst. to ensure your wedding/event is filled with beautiful high quality flowers, otherwise a quote can not be completed
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